Welcome to the Lazy H Llama Ranch!

    Located at the front range of the Rocky Mountains at 7,600 feet, we offer overnight accommodations in a two bedroom, one full bath apartment in a beautiful Western setting.  Bordering one of the state’s largest ranches, Warren Livestock, the Lazy H offers a variety of activities.

▪    Hike with one of our llamas assisted by a trained guide

▪    Climb the 800 foot Spur Ridge

▪    Weave, spin or sew with fleece from our llamas

▪    Paint some of our amazing landscapes

    The Lazy H Ranch is located just six miles north of Laramie, which is easily accessible from U.S. Route 80.  Laramie, the home of the University of Wyoming, offers a number of cultural activities and sports during the summer and early fall months.    In addition, there are a number of excellent restaurants to choose from, including vegetarian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and traditional American establishments.

    There are also a variety of outdoor activities available nearby for those interested in hiking, rock climbing and fishing.




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